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Table 3 The main results of all the RCTs investigating the effectiveness of TXA after ACLR

From: The comparative efficacies of intravenous administration and intra-articular injection of tranexamic acid during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction for reducing postoperative hemarthrosis: a prospective randomized study

Authors Route Main results
Felli et al. [9] IV IV of TXA administration reduced hemarthrosis and the amount of drainage blood.
Karaaslan et al. [10] IV IV of TXA reduced the amount of postoperative hemarthrosis and reduced pain.
Hetsroni et al. [15] IV IV of TXA reduced drained blood volume on postoperative day 1 and hemarthrosis up to postoperative day 15 but did not improve clinical outcomes at 3 months.
Chiang et al. [11] IA IA of TXA could significantly reduce postoperative intra-articular bleeding in the first 24 h, and decrease pain and the grade of hemarthrosis in the early postoperative period.