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Table 5 A priori hypothesis to assess convergent construct validity between PSEQ-Am and SF-36-Am subscales in Ethiopian patients with LBP based on COSMIN guideline (n = 239)

From: Cross-cultural translation, adaptation, and validation of the Amharic version pain self-efficacy questionnaire in people with low back pain in Ethiopia

Outcomes Hypothesized correlationsa Estimated correlationsa Hypothesis acceptance (Yes or No)
SF-36-Am subscales
 Physical functioning (PF) 0.00–0.69 0.38 Yes
 Role Functioning Physical (RP) 0.00–0.69 0.32 Yes
 Social Functioning (SF) 0.00–0.69 0.36 Yes
 Bodily pain (BP) 0.40–0.69 0.51 Yes
 Role Functioning Emotional (RE) 0.00–0.69 0.28 Yes
 Emotional Well-Being (EW) 0.00–0.69 0.36 Yes
 Energy /Vitality (VT) 0.00–0.69 0.31 Yes
 General health perception (GH) 0.00–0.69 0.40 Yes
Number of met hypotheses (%) 8/8 (100)
  1. a positive correlation, SF-36-Am Amharic version of the short form health survey, PSEQ-Am Amharic version of the Pain Self-efficacy Questionnaire