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Table 1 Intra- and inter-observer intraclass correlation coefficients (ICCs) for all variants of 20 random patients

From: What is the impact of knee morphology on posterior cruciate ligament avulsion fracture in men and women: a case control study

Variable Intra-observer ICC Inter-observer ICC
Intercondylar notch width (axial) 0.934 0.894
Medial condylar width (axial) 0.949 0.913
Lateral condylar width (axial) 0.874 0.873
Intercondylar notch width (coronal) 0.802 0.860
Medial condylar width (coronal) 0.886 0.929
Lateral condylar width (coronal) 0.948 0.899
Coronal tibial slope 0.882 0.778
Medial posterior tibial slope 0.699 0.867
Lateral posterior tibial slope 0.705 0.914