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Table 4 Full list of assessments obtained at each time point

From: Study protocol: randomized controlled trial of opioid-free vs. traditional perioperative analgesia in elective orthopedic surgery

Procedure Preop/Screen Op 6 h 12 h 24 h 2 week 6 week 1 year
ICF X        
Demographic X        
Comorbidities X        
Resilience Questionnaire
Central Sensitization Inventory X        
Creatinine Clearance X        
Randomization X
(within one week prior to surgery)
Complications (nausea, constipation, falls)    Xa Xa Xa X X X
Delirium Score (CAM25)a    Xa Xa Xa    
Patient Comfort Level (NRS)a    Xa Xa Xa    
ConMeds (specifically anti-emetic/nausea and pain medication) X X Xa Xa Xa X X X
Surgical & Hospital-Stay Information   X       
Pain Score (NRS), current X   X X X X X X
Pain Score (NRS), average X      X X X
Constipation Questionnaire (PAC-SYM) X      X X X
Patient Reported Outcomes Questionnaires (specific to applicable surgery) X      X X X
Patient Pain (NRS) Diary±       X   
Patient Comfort (NRS) Diary±       X   
Patient Pain Medication Diary±       X   
Patient Collar Compliance Diary± (ACDF/ACDA patients only)       X   
  1. a Only applies to inpatient procedures
  2. ± The diaries will be completed daily from day of discharge until the 2 week visit. They will be collected at the 2 week visit