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Table 3 Contribution of TBA and BMD to prevalent and incident bone fragility vertebral fractures

From: Fractal lacunarity of trabecular bone in vertebral MRI to predict osteoporotic fracture risk in over-fifties women. The LOTO study

  marker prevalent VF incident VFa
overall T- overall T-
number (VF+/VF-)   88/191 35/121 33/122 18/62
TBA TBLβ ≤40 66% 69% 73% 78%
BMD T-score ≤ −2.5 52% 49% 55% 50%
  1. TBLβ: trabecular bone microarchitecture parameter β; BMD: bone mineral density; VF: vertebral fracture; VF+: with VF; VF-: without VF; T-: untreated at baseline
  2. a Preliminary results from 1-year follow up