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Table 2 Comparison between patients with and without neural abnormality on MRI screening examination

From: An analysis of clinical risk factors for adolescent scoliosis caused by spinal cord abnormalities in China: proposal for a selective whole-spine MRI examination scheme

 Intramedullary Abnormalities
n = 68
n = 646
 Male (1)38148< 0.01b
Age14.1 ± 1.914.3 ± 1.7NSa
 Main Cobb39.6 ± 8.1°36.1 ± 11.7°NSa
 Left Thoracic curve (1)15740.012b
 Right Thoracic curve(0)53572
 T-Kyphosis (1)1750< 0.01b
 No T-Kyphosis(0)51596
 Angular curve (1)1661< 0.01b
 Smooth curve(0)52585
The trunk balance
 Coronal-imbalance (1)542NSb
 Sagittal-imbalance (1)970NSb
Nervous System
 Abnormal abdominal wall reflex (1)1940< 0.01b
 No-Abnormal abdominal wall reflex(0)49606
 Paresthesia (1)10520.064b
 Ankle clonus (1)1549< 0.01b
 No-Ankle clonus(0)53597
 Abnormal tendon reflex (1)16650.001b
 Normal tendon reflex(0)52581
  1. NS indicates no statistical significance
  2. aThe student t test
  3. bthe chi-square test