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Table 1 Osteologic characterization of the HCS patient during 6 year follow-up

From: Distinct severity of phenotype in Hajdu-Cheney syndrome: a case report and literature review

Parameter1 year old5 year old7 year oldNormal range
Serum ALP (U/l)112.0313.0558.0118.0–390.0
Serum Calcium (mmol/L)–2.7
Serum Phosphorus (mmol/L)–1.9
Serum PTH (pmol/L)2.71.2–7.1
Serum BALP (U/l)240.00–200.0
Serum 25(OH) D (nmol/L)66.050.0–150.0
  1. ALP alkaline phosphatase, BALP bone alkaline phosphatase, PTH Parathyroid hormone, 25(OH) D 25-hydroxyvitamin D