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Table 1 Characteristics of participants

From: Free vitamin D correlate better with bone mineral density and thoracolumbar junction osteoporotic vertebral fractures than serum vitamin D

Age (years)68.510.0
Height (m)1.550.79
Weight (kg)54.410.3
Systolic pressure (mmHg)127.216.7
Diastolic pressure (mmHg)78.48.7
Total 25(OH) D (ng/ml)25.110.2
Free 25(OH) D (pg/ml)6.11.7
Calcium (mg/dL)9.30.5
Phosphorus (mg/dL)3.50.5
Lumbar T-score−3.81.1
Femur neck T-score−2.81.2
Hip T-score−2.61.2
Lumbar BMD0.60.1
Femur neck BMD0.50.1
Hip BMD0.60.2
Gender (N, %)
Fracture (N, %)
Fracture Grade (N, %)
Fracture Times (N, %)
 Single Fracture4145.6