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Table 5 Mean relative efficiency of PROMIS measures versus legacy instruments

From: Graded response model fit, measurement invariance and (comparative) precision of the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS® Upper Extremity V2.0 item bank in patients with upper extremity disorders

 DF-PROMIS-UE full bank (46 items)DF-PROMIS-UE 7-item short form (7 items)DF-PROMIS-UE standard CAT (average 4.7 items)
DF-PROMIS-UE full bank (46 items) 1.371.54
DF-PROMIS-UE 7-item short form (7 items)  1.30
DASH (30 items)1.301.501.82
QuickDASH (11 items)1.421.581.96
MHQ (7 items)0.790.951.12
  1. DASH Disability of Arm, Shoulder and Hand, DF-PROMIS-UE v2.0 Dutch-Flemish translated version of the PROMIS Upper Extremity v2.0 item bank, MHQ-ADL Michigan Hand Questionnaire-Activities of Daily Living subscale