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Table 4 Result with respect to the monotonicity assumption and GRM-model fit at the item level, GRM-model item parameters, and measurement invariance of the DF-PROMIS-UE v2.0 bank

From: Graded response model fit, measurement invariance and (comparative) precision of the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS® Upper Extremity V2.0 item bank in patients with upper extremity disorders

ItemMonotonicityGRM-model fitGRM-model Item parametersMeasurement invariance
IDItem stemScalability coefficient HiS-X2
ab1b2b3b4GenderCenterDuration of complaintsLocation of complaintsLanguage
PFA14r1abAre you able to carry a heavy object (over 10 pounds/5 kg)?0.5910.1811.862−0.613−0.2270.4151.054          
PFA16r1Are you able to dress yourself, including tying shoelaces and buttoning your clothes?0.6390.0212.780−1.757−1.097− 0.3970.444          
PFA17Are you able to reach into a high cupboard?0.5500.6771.670− 1.156−0.587−0.0460.657      UD0.118  
PFA18Are you able to use a hammer to pound a nail?0.6560.4513.027−0.768−0.421− 0.0590.361          
PFA20Are you able to cut your food using eating utensils?0.6420.0033.028−1.553−0.985−0.3760.172  UD0.032      
PFA28Are you able to open a can with a hand can opener?0.6790.0633.404−0.738−0.431− 0.1110.463  UD0.027      
PFA29r1Are you able to pull heavy objects (10 pounds/5 kg) towards yourself?0.6290.3632.266−1.068−0.534−0.0660.771          
PFA34abAre you able to wash your back?0.6040.3531.989−0.906− 0.3430.2491.077      UD0.028  
PFA35Are you able to open and close a zipper?0.6060.2472.572−2.203−1.347−0.7040.099          
PFA36abAre you able to put on and take off a coat or jacket?0.5790.4081.968−2.736−1.438−0.4950.604      UD0.043  
PFA38Are you able to dry your back with a towel?0.6220.5962.378−1.488−0.923−0.1810.682      UD0.028  
PFA40Are you able to turn a key in a lock?0.6110.7292.545−1.992−1.446−0.922−0.342          
PFA43r1Are you able to write with a pen or pencil?0.5920.2422.345−1.857−1.371−0.843−0.401          
PFA44Are you able to put on a shirt or blouse?0.6060.48222.222−2.361−1.439−0.6240.473          
PFA48Are you able to peel fruit?0.6340.1492.983−1.187−0.877− 0.4910.058  UD0.050  UD0.027  
PFA50Are you able to brush your teeth?0.6120.2112.310−2.416−2.001−1.292−0.614          
PFA54Are you able to button your shirt?0.6300.1402.783−1.871−1.330−0.7300.084  UD0.023UD0.020UD0.023  
PFB11Are you able to wash dishes, pots, and utensils by hand while standing at a sink?0.6380.2512.928−1.421−0.825−0.3750.303          
PFB13abAre you able to carry a shopping bag or briefcase?0.5930.0101.926−1.262−0.808−0.1260.580      UD0.027  
PFB15r1Are you able to change the bulb in a table lamp?0.6410.7683.067−1.280−1.012−0.571−0.001          
PFB16r1Are you able to press with your index finger (for example ringing a doorbell)?0.5960.0712.165−2.651−2.110−1.510−0.950        UD0.025
PFB18Are you able to shave your face or apply makeup?0.6450.3773.073−1.810− 1.411− 0.841− 0.101          
PFB19r1Are you able to squeeze a new tube of toothpaste?0.6630.5183.177−2.142−1.667−1.055−0.410          
PFB20r1Are you able to cut a piece of paper with scissors?0.6510.0713.313−1.624−1.229−0.844− 0.310      UD0.021  
PFB21r1Are you able to pick up coins from a table top?0.6030.0132.164−2.350−1.916−1.389−0.677        UD0.043
PFB22Are you able to hold a plate full of food?0.6620.4892.965−1.488− 1.153−0.6390.103          
PFB23r1bAre you able to poor liquid from a bottle into a glass?0.6610.0023.046−1.692−1.373−0.798−0.151          
PFB25Are you able to push open a door after turning the knob?0.5930.2572.157−2.353−1.524−0.966− 0.182          
PFB26Are you able to shampoo your hair?0.6440.3312.907−1.470−1.009− 0.4960.287          
PFB27Are you able to tie a knot or a bow?0.6400.0153.027−1.429−0.959−0.5700.042  UD0.056UD0.031    
PFB28r1aAre you able to lift 10 pounds (5 kg) above your shoulder?0.6390.0812.040−0.1980.2240.6701.350      UD0.062  
PFB30Are you able to open a new milk carton?0.6750.0353.590−1.449−0.990−0.5200.100          
PFB31r1Are you able to open car doors?0.6540.1812.906−1.773−1.330−0.798−0.181          
PFB33Are you able to remove something from your back pocket?0.5770.4782.045−1.626−1.104−0.5760.209          
PFB34abAre you able to change a light bulb overhead?0.6380.3112.357−0.717−0.3570.0790.824      UD0.052  
PFB36Are you able to put on a pullover sweater?0.5950.4752.061−2.009−1.148−0.2650.618      UD0.058  
PFB37r1Are you able to reach and get down a 5 pound (2 kg) object from above your head?0.6600.7243.125−1.980− 1.547−0.9780.348          
PFB39r1Are you able to reach and get down a 5 pound (2 kg) object from above your head?0.6260.6052.218−0.886−0.533− 0.0550.705    UD0.022UD0.030  
PFB41Are you able to trim your fingernails?0.5860.5952.352−1.487−1.091−0.5470.001  UD0.038      
PFB56r1Are you able to lift one pound (0.5 kg) to shoulder level without bending your elbow?0.5630.2501.816−1.004−0.604−0.1910.508      UD0.041  
PFC43Are you able to use your hands, suchs as for turning faucets, using kitchen gadgets, or sewing?0.6190.0452.853−1.755−1.243−0.713−0.069  UD0.232  UD0.024  
PFC49Are you able to water a house plant?0.6620.0163.091−1.807−1.431−1.056−0.463UD0.028      UD0.022
PFM2bAre you able to lift a heavy painting or picture to hang on your wall above eye-level?0.6840.7202.786−0.431−0.0830.3771.208        NUD0.021
PFM16abAre you able to pass a 20-pound (10 kg) turkey or ham to other people at the table?0.6970.2752.698−0.2120.1760.6771.469          
PFM18bAre you able to continuously swing a baseball bat or tennis racket back and forth for 5 min?0.6240.1311.941−0.3390.0910.5531.239      UD0.028  
PFC8Does your health now limit you in opening a previously opened jar?0.6170.2032.460−1.9030.999−0.3650.391          
  1. Abbreviations in alphabetical order: ID Identification, GRM Graded Response Model, NUD Non-Uniform DIF, ID, UD Uniform DIF, UF Uniformity
  2. a items included in the 7a short form
  3. b items selected as one of the first three items in the CAT