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Table 3 Results with respect to the IRT-model assumptions of the DF-PROMIS-UE v2.0 bank

From: Graded response model fit, measurement invariance and (comparative) precision of the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS® Upper Extremity V2.0 item bank in patients with upper extremity disorders

IRT assumptions and model fit
 Confirmatory Factor Analysis of one-factor modelChi square5964.333
Scaled CFI0.93
Scaled TLI0.93
Scaled RMSEA (90% CI)0.099 (0.097–0.101)
Scaled SRMR0.09
 Exploratory Factor AnalysisEigenvalue first factor30.1
Eigenvalue second factor2.8
 Exploratory bi-factor analysisECV0.68
 Local DependencyResidual correlation > 0.174 item pairs locally dependent (3.3%)
 MonotonicityScalability coefficient H0.63
Scalability coefficients HiRange 0.55–0.70
  1. Abbreviations in alphabetic order: CFI Comparative Fit Index, ECV Explained Common Variance, RMSEA Root Means Square Error of Approximation, SRMR Standardized root mean residual, TLI Tucker-Lewis Index