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Table 2 Summary of resources provided to participants in the Exercise and Exercise plus weight management groups

From: Better Knee, Better Me™: effectiveness of two scalable health care interventions supporting self-management for knee osteoarthritis – protocol for a randomized controlled trial

ResourceDescription of content/purposeExercise groupExercise plus weight management group
Study websiteInformation about OA, treatment options, exercise and physical activity, weight loss, managing pain, sleep, and stories from other people with knee OA
Consultations with a physiotherapist6 video consultations over 6-months. Advice on treatment options, structured exercise and physical activity plan, and behaviour change support
Consultations with a dietitian6 video consultations over 6-months. Helps participant undertake VLCD with behaviour change support 
Exercise bands3 exercise resistance bands (green, red, and blue) for strengthening exercises
Activity tracker (Fitbit)To help track and monitor physical activity
Plastic portion plateTo help manage portion sizes 
Optifast® meal replacements6-months’ worth of meal replacements for the VLCD 
Educational video about the VLCDShort video about the VLCD featuring endocrinologists and dietitian experts, and a person with knee OA 
Preparing for your consultationsInformation about consultations, instructions on how to use Zoom videoconferencing, and Fitbit instructions
Osteoarthritis informationUnderstanding knee OA, common management options, weight loss, pain coping skills, and sleep
Exercise bookletStrengthening exercise instructions and photos
Knee care plan and exercise log bookTemplates to record details of management plans and completed exercises
Knee replacement surgery for osteoarthritis-related painDecision aid about joint replacement surgery, including the benefits and harms of surgery
Weight management ‘how to’ guideDescribes the VLCD and provides information about healthy food choices and portion sizes 
Weight management behavioural support activitiesWorkbook containing information and templates to track weight, a food diary, tips to find a support person, identifying food triggers, planning for “at risk” situations, overcoming barriers, changing thought patterns, and monitoring hunger levels 
Recipe bookRecipes that are suitable for the VLCD 
Food list pocket guideList of suitable low carbohydrate ingredients to consume when on the VLCD 
  1. OA Osteoarthritis, VLCD Very low calorie diet