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Table 3 Summary of cemented PEG and modern MBG

From: Loosening and revision rates after total shoulder arthroplasty: a systematic review of cemented all-polyethylene glenoid and three modern designs of metal-backed glenoid

 Cemented PEG (n = 3312)Modern MBG (n = 457)P–value
Age (years)Number of cases/articles3062/24367/8NA
Mean66.4 (21–93)66.5 (31–88)
Follow–up duration (months)Number of cases/articles3312/25457/10NA
Mean73.1 (12–211)56.1
Gain of FE (°)Number of cases/articles1387/14142/2NA
Gain of ER (°)Number of cases/articles1304/14161/3NA
Constant score improvementNumber of cases/articles1208/93/97NA
ASES score improvementNumber of cases/articles226/5135/3NA
Primary osteoarthritisYes (%)2866 (86.5%)350 (88.4%)0.310
No (%)446 (13.5%)46 (11.6%)
Diagnosis unknown161
Radiolucent linesPresent (%)354 (27.2%)22 (4.9%)NA
Absent (%)948 (72.8%)427 (95.1%)
Not reported20108
LooseningPresent (%)465 (14.6%)22 (4.9%)NA
Absent (%)2720 (85.4%)427 (95.1%)
Not reported1278
Revision surgeryPresent (%)189 (5.7%)11 (2.4%)NA
Absent (%)3127 (94.3%)446 (97.6%)
Not reported00
  1. PEG all-polyethylene glenoid, MBG metal-backed glenoid, NA not applicable, FE forward elevation, ER external rotation, ASES American shoulder and elbow surgeons