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Table 1 Demographic data and outcome measurement of individual studies

From: Loosening and revision rates after total shoulder arthroplasty: a systematic review of cemented all-polyethylene glenoid and three modern designs of metal-backed glenoid

AuthorsLevel of EvidenceDesignCasesMean age (y, range)Mean FU (m, range)Range of motionOutcome measurements
Cemented all-polyethylene glenoid components (PEG)
 Raiss (2008)IVAequalisa2155 (37–60)7 years (5–9)FE, ABD, IR, ERConstant score
 Rice (2008)IVCofield IIb1466 (52–78)5 years (2–8)ABD, ERNeer result rating
 Fox (2009)IVMixedc97266.468.1NN
 Edwards (2010)IAequalisa4769 ± 1126 (12–38)NN
 Throckmorton (2010)IIICofield10068.6 (52–80)48.5 (24–98)FE, IR, ERVAS
 Arnold (2011)IVGlobal Advantaged3570 (49–89)43 (24–66)NConstant score
 Collin (2011)IIAequalisa5666.7 (43–83)120 (102–155)NN
 Walch (2011)IVAequalisa33369.3 (35–90)89.5 (61–152)FE, ERConstant score
 Young (2011)IVAequalisa22666.9 (40–90)122.7 (61–219)FE, ERConstant score
 Raiss (2012)IVAequalisa3964 (43–79)132 (120–180)FE, ABD, IR, ERConstant score
 Wirth (2012)IVGlobal Advantaged4466 (52–79)48 (24–84)FE, IR, ERVAS, ASES score, SST
 Denard (2013)IVAequalisa5050.5 (35–55)115.5 (60–211)FE, ERConstant score
 Greiner (2013)IVAffinise9766.6 (30–85)58.8 (31.2–92.5)FE, ABDConstant score
 Raiss (2014)IVN (mixed)329N8.0 years (4–17)FE, ERConstant score
 Gazielly (2015)IVAequalisa3968.1 (51–81)102 (56.4–150)FE, ERConstant score, pain score
 Gulotta (2015)IIIBioModularf4068.2 ± 9.138 (24–45)NVAS, ASES
 Noyes (2015)IVGlobal Advantaged4264 (51–80)80 (63–114)FE, ERASES
 Wright (2015)IVEquinoxeg2466.4 ± 9.129.6 ± 8.7FE, ABD, IR, ERConstant score, ASES, SST, UCLA
 Parks (2016)IVAffinitih7663.5 (39–86)28.7 (24–60)FE, ABD, IR, ERConstant score, ASES
 Wijeratna (2016)IVGlobal Advantaged8368.6 (49–88)46.7 (24–99)FE, IR, ERASES, Oxford score
 McLendon (2017)IVCofield IIi28765 (21–85)84 (48–171.6)NN
 Service (2017)IIIGlobal Advantaged7168 ± 8.330 ± 7.2NSST
 Gauci (2018)IIIAequalisa4655(40–60)123.6 ± 26 (60–144)FE, ERVAS, Constant score, SSV
 Raiss (2018)IVAequalisj11868 (51–85)38 (24–70)NN
 Sanchez-Sotelo (2018)2018/IVPEG20267 (24–93)32.4 (24–60)FE, IR, ERASES
Modern design of metal-backed glenoid component (MBG)
 Castagna (2010)IVSecond-generation SMRl3562.7 (55.3–70.1)75.4NVAS, Constant score, SST
 Fucentese (2010)IVSulmeshm2268.5 (49–84)50 (24–89)NConstant score
 Budge (2013)IVTantalum TMn1962.8 ± 14.631 (24–64)ERVAS, ASES score
 Styron (2016)IVTantalum TMn6666.2 (31–88)50.2FE, IR, ERN
 Sandow (2016)IVTantalum TMn10(60–79)24FEVAS, Oxford score, ASES score
 Panti (2016)IVTantalum TMn7669.6 (52–81)43.2 (24–72)FE, ABD, ERVAS, ASES score
 Endrizzi (2016)IVTantalum TMn7367.5 ± 8.6 (46–85)50.8 (24–68)NVAS, ASES score
 Merolla (2016)IVTantalum TMn4063.8 (40–75)38 (24–42)FE, ABD, ERHealth state, Constant score, ASES score
 Gurin (2017)IVTantalum TMn80N100NVAS
 Watson (2018)IVTantalum TMn3666.36 (50–85)34.1 (23–61)FE, ERVAS, SANE score, Penn score, ASES score
Common outcome measurementsRadiolucency, loosening, complication, and revision surgery (failure)
  1. N not recorded, y year, m month, FU follow-up, FE forward elevation, ABD abduction, IR internal rotation, ER external rotation, VAS visual analogue scale, ASES American shoulder and elbow surgeons, SST simple shoulder test, SF-12 short form-12, UCLA University of California at Los Angeles, SSV subjective shoulder value, SANE single alpha-numeric evaluation
  2. aUnconstrained, cemented, third-generation implant (Aequalis Primary Shoulder Prosthesis; Tornier Inc., Edina, Minnesota, USA) or Aequalis prosthesis (Tornier, Mont Bonnot, France)
  3. bCofield 2 keeled all-polyethylene cemented components with a posterior augmentation (Smith and Nephew, Inc., Memphis, TN, USA)
  4. cNeer II all-polyethylene components (3 M, St. Paul, MN; Kirschner Medical Corporation, Fairlawn, NJ; Biomet, Warsaw, IN, USA), Cofield 1 all-polyethylene component, Cofield 2 all-polyethylene keeled, and Cofield 2 all-polyethylene pegged components (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA)
  5. dDepuy Global Advantage with an Anchor Peg glenoid (Depuy, Warsaw, IN, USA)
  6. eAffinis shoulder prosthesis (Mathys Ltd. Bettlach, Switzerland)
  7. fBioModular Total Shoulder System with an all-polyethylene, cemented, pegged glenoid (Biomet, Inc., Warsaw, IN, USA)
  8. gEquinoxe (Exactech, Inc., Gainesville, FL, USA)
  9. hAffiniti CortiLoc glenoid (Tornier, Inc., Edina, MN, USA)
  10. iCofield II all-polyethylene pegged component (Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN, USA)
  11. j Cemented keeled glenoid with different backside radiuses of curvature (Tornier/Wright Medical, Memphis, TN, USA)
  12. kReUnion (Stryker, Mahwah, NJ, USA)
  13. lSecond generation SMR System (Lima Corporate, Villanova, Italy)
  14. mTitanium metal-backed glenoid component (Sulmesh; Zimmer, Winterthur, Switzerland)
  15. nSecond-generation porous tantalum trabecular metal glenoid (Zimmer, Warsaw, IN, USA)