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Table 1 Sequence protocol for synovitis assessment at 7 T

From: Comprehensive assessment of knee joint synovitis at 7 T MRI using contrast-enhanced and non-enhanced sequences

Type of sequenceTSETSEFLASHTSE
Voxel size (mm)0.37 × 0.37 × 2.50.36 × 0.36 × 2.51.1 × 1.1 × 1.10.36 × 0.36 × 2.5
FOV (mm)160160160160
Bandwith (Hz/Pixel)227286285219
Number of slices314410433
Slice thickness (mm)
Number of acquisitions (NEX)1122 (every 9.8 s)1
TR (ms)448090004.51580
TE (ms)36861.7712
TI (ms)n/a2000n/an/a
Flip angle (°)18018015180
Fat suppressionFrequency selective fat saturationFrequency selective fat saturationWater excitationFrequency selective fat saturation
PAT mode / acc. FactorGRAPPA / 2GRAPPA / 3GRAPPA / 3GRAPPA / 2
Echo trains per slice767n/a118
Scan time (min:s)3:154:323:403:11
Overall scan time (min:s)15:38
  1. Abbreviations: IW-FS Intermediate weighted fat-suppressed sequence, T1-FS CE T1-weighted fat suppressed contrast-enhanced sequence, FLAIR-FS Fluid attenuated inversion recovery fat suppressed sequence, 3D-DCE Three dimensional dynamic contrast enhanced sequence, TSE Turbo spin echo, FLASH Fast low-angle shot sequence, FOV Field of view, TR Repetition time, TE Echo time, TI Inversion time, PAT Parallel imaging technique, GRAPPA GeneRalized Autocalibrating Partial Parallel Acquisition