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Fig. 3

From: Comprehensive assessment of knee joint synovitis at 7 T MRI using contrast-enhanced and non-enhanced sequences

Fig. 3

Dynamic contrast enhanced MRI. a Example of a sagittal T1-weighted dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE) image with demonstration of ROI placement in the last acquired image series at the most posterior border of Hoffa’s fat pad, adjacent to the inferior patellar pole and at the prefemoral fat pad. Regions of interest (ROIs) were centered within the synovial tissue, joint effusion or other articular structures were not included. b iAUC based calculation of parametric maps over time (color-coding represents arbitrary units (a.u.) of the iAUC from dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI ranging from blue to red (0–50.000 a.u.). c Typical enhancement curves from a single patient for the different ROIs show steep enhancement between 20 and 40 s followed by continued but much slower enhancement after 40 s

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