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Fig. 1

From: Comprehensive assessment of knee joint synovitis at 7 T MRI using contrast-enhanced and non-enhanced sequences

Fig. 1

Anatomic coverage and visualization of synovitis on contrast-enhanced and non-enhanced sequences. a Sagittal intermediate-weighted fat suppressed (IW-FS) image shows the different axial levels that are depicted in b Level 1 represents the transverse slice at the level of the superior patellar pole. Level 2 is defined by the mid-point of the patella in the cranio-caudal direction and Level 3 is representing the transverse slice at the level of the inferior patellar pole. b Corresponding transverse image pairs of contrast-enhanced T1-weighted fat suppressed (T1-FS CE) and non-enhanced fluid attenuated inversion recovery fat suppressed (FLAIR-FS) sequences at each of the three levels of the femoro-patellar joint. Left figure column depicts the T1-weighted enhanced images with synovial thickening and contrast-enhancement at all levels (long arrows). Figure parts in the right figure column show corresponding FLAIR-FS images with synovitis being depicted in similar fashion as hyperintense with corresponding thickening of the synovial tissue at all levels (short arrows). Level 2 was used for semiquantitative assessment of peripatellar synovitis according to reference 16. Note that FLAIR images show synovial thickening to a somewhat lesser extent compared to T1-FS CE images

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