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Table 2 Correlations between inflammatory cytokines and pain scoring systems

From: Profiling of inflammatory mediators in the synovial fluid related to pain in knee osteoarthritis

VAS−0.280*− 0.272*− 0.249*0.018
NRS−0.203− 0.186− 0.270*−0.019
WOMAC Pain0.185−0.139−0.186− 0.044
Neuropathic Pain−0.019− 0.034−0.115− 0.001
  1. NRS numeric rating scale; VAS visual analog scale; WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index; IL-1β interleukin 1β; IL-6 interleukin 6; TNF-α tumor necrosis factor α; M-CSF macrophage colony-stimulating factor. * p < 0.05 ** p < 0.01.