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Table 4 Regression analysis of the relationship between the postoperative paraspinal muscle volume loss and BMI

From: Paraspinal muscle changes after single-level posterior lumbar fusion: volumetric analyses and literature review

BMI vsMRI (n = 24)p-valueCT (n = 16)p-value
β coefficientAdjusted R2β coefficientAdjusted R2
Changes of MF (cm3)
Changes of ES (cm3)
 Right0.184−0.0100.391−0.128− 0.0540.636
Changes of Psoas (cm3)
 Right−0.057−0.0420.793−0.083− 0.0640.759
  1. BMI body mass index, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CT computed tomography, SD standard deviation, MF multifidus, ES erector spinae
  2. * Statistically significant difference was defined as p < 0.05