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Table 3 Regression analysis of the relationship between the postoperative paraspinal muscle volume loss and age

From: Paraspinal muscle changes after single-level posterior lumbar fusion: volumetric analyses and literature review

Age vsMRI (n = 24)p-valueCT (n = 16)p-value
β coefficientAdjusted R2β coefficientAdjusted R2
Changes of MF (cm3)
 Right−0.5920.3210.002a−0.076− 0.0650.780
 Left− 0.4890.2040.015a0.114−0.0570.674
Changes of ES (cm3)
Changes of Psoas (cm3)
  1. MRI magnetic resonance imaging, CT computed tomography, SD standard deviation, MF multifidus, ES erector spinae
  2. aStatistically significant difference was defined as p < 0.05