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Table 1 Data extraction table

From: A systematic review of inflammatory cells and markers in human tendinopathy

StudySample sizePresentation of tendinopathyAdditional factors associated with inflammationaSiteQAMethod (cells)Inflammatory cell + bCell typesMethod (markers)Inflammatory markers
Campbell 2014 [13]18Partial tearMean number of steroid injections 1.5RC8/11IHC100%MPqPCRIL-21 receptor protein and mRNA
Cetti 2003 [14]60RuptureHigh activity levelAT8/11IHC100%NPn/an/a
Dakin 2015 [15]32Pain or partial tearn/aRC9/11IHC100%MPn/an/a
Dakin 2017 [16]17Pain or rupturen/aAT7/11IHC100%MPqPCR, IFIL-8 mRNA, protein
Hackett 2016 [17]39Calcificn/aRC9/11IHC100%MP, TC, MCn/an/a
Klatte-schulz 2018 [18]26Pain or rupturesHigh activity levelAT8/11IHC88%MP, NSqPCRIL-6, IL-10, IL-33. IL1B, TNFa, TGFB1, COX-2
Kragsnaes 2014 [19]50Pain44% received steroid injectionAT9/11IHC96%MP, TC, MC, NKCn/an/a
Matthews 2006 [20]38RuptureMean number of steroid injections 1.8RC8/11IHC100%MP, TC, MCn/an/a
Millar 2010 [21]20Pain or partial tearHigh activity level with mean number of 1.5 steroid injectionsRC8/11IHC100%MP, TC, MCn/an/a
Millar 2012 [22]15Pain or partial tearHigh activity level with mean number of 1.6 steroid injectionsRC8/11IHC100%MP, TC, MCIHC, qPCRIL-6, IL-8 protein and mRNA
Millar 2016 [23]10Pain or partial tearHigh activity level with mean number of 1.7 steroid injectionsRC7/11IHC100%MP, TC, MCqPCRIL-17A mRNA
Mosca 2017 [24]13Painn/aRC9/11IHC100%MPqPCRIL-33 protein
Pecina 2010 [25]34Painn/aPT8/11IHC100%NSn/an/a
Schubert 2005 [26]10Pain or rupture40% received steroid injectionAT6/11IHC80%MP, TC, GCn/an/a
Scott 2008 [27]22Painn/aPT7/11IHC23%MCn/an/a
Thankam 2017 [28]15Pain or partial tearGlenohumeral arthritis observedLHBT7/11IHC27%MP, NPn/an/a
Åström 1995 [29]145Pain or partial tearn/aAT6/11H&E9%NSn/an/a
Gaida 2012 [30]23Painn/aAT8/11H&E0%/ELISATNFa protein
Gumina 2006 [31]38Partial tearn/aRC10/11H&E100%MP, LCn/an/a
Kannus 1991 [32]891Rupturen/aVarious9/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Khan 1996 [33]28Painn/aPT9/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Lian 2007 [34]23Painn/aPT7/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Ljung 1999 [35]6Painn/aECRB6/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Longo 2008 [36]88Rupturen/aRC8/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Longo 2009 [37]51Rupturen/aLHBT8/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Popp 1997 [38]11Painn/aPT5/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Potter 1995 [39]20Painn/aECRB7/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Rolf 1997 [40]60Pain72% received NSAIDs and 27% received steroid injectionAT8/11H&E0%/n/an/a
Rolf 2017 [41]20RuptureSign of infection in 40% (bacteria), 5% received steroid injection
7/20 high activity level
AT9/11H&E50%MP, TC, MCn/an/a
Shalabi 2002 [42]15Painn/aAT8/11.H&E0%/n/an/a
Singaraju 2008 [43]6Painn/aLHBT6/11H&E100%NSn/an/a
Tillander 2002 [44]23Pain, partial tear or rupturen/aRC6/11.H&E0%/n/an/a
Zabrzynski 2017 [45]35Painn/aLHBT9/11H&E9%NSn/an/a
Ackermann 2013 [46]18Rupturen/aAT7/11n/an/a/MDIL-12, IL-17, IL-1B, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10 protein
Alfredson 2000 [47]4Painn/aECRB6/11n/an/a/MDPGE2
Alfredson 2003 [48]10Painn/aAT7/11n/an/a/MAIL 1–6, 10–15 mRNA
Alfredson 2001 [49]10Painn/aPT7/11H&En/aNSMDPGE2
Alfredsson 1999 [50]5Painn/aAT6/11n/an/a/MDPGE2
Chaudhury 2016 [51]16Painn/aRC8/11n/an/a/qPCRIL-8 mRNA
Dean 2015 [52]9Pain100% received steroid injectionRC7/11n/an/a/qPCRTNF-a, IL-1b mRNA
Fabis 2014 [53]9Rupturen/aRC7/11n/an/a/qPCRTNF-a, IL-10 mRNA
Fu 2002 [54]11Painn/aPT7/11n/a0%/IHC, WBCOX-2, TGF-b protein, PGE2
Gilmer 2015 [55]62Pain or partial tearn/aLHBT9/11H&En/aNSn/an/a
Jelinsky 2011 [56]23Pain, tear, or rupture52% received steroid injectionVarious8/11n/a0%/qPCRIL13A2, FGFR1, FGFR2, IL-17D mRNA
Jozsa 1980 [57]120Rupture or calcificn/aVarious8/11H&En/aNSn/an/a
Legerlotz 2012 [58]20Pain or rupturen/aAT PT7/11n/an/a/qPCRCOX-2, IL6, IL6R mRNA
Millar 2015 [59]17Pain or partial tearn/aRC8/11n/an/a/qPCRIL-33 mRNA
Pingel 2012 [60]14Pain100% received steroid injectionAT8/11n/an/a/qPCRCOX-1, IL-1R, TGF-B1, bFGF mRNA
Pingel 2013 [61]27Pain100% received steroid injectionAT8/11n/an/a/qPCRIL-1b, IL-6, IL-10, COX-2, TGF-b, TNF-a mRNA
Robertson 2012 [62]35Partial tear or rupturen/aRC8/11n/an/a/qPCRIL-1b, IL-6, TNF-a, COX-2 mRNA
Shindle 2011 [63]24Partial tear or RuptureJoint inflammationRC8/11n/an/a/qPCRIL-1b, IL-6, COX-2, TNF-a mRNA
Takeuchi 2001 [64]7Calcificn/aRC5/11IHCn/aMPn/an/a
Waugh 2015 [65]10Painn/aAT PT7/11n/an/a/MDIL-1b, IL-2, IL-6,IL-8, IL-10 protein
  1. Table sorted by method used to detect the presence of inflammatory cells
  2. Locations: AT Achilles tendon, PT patellar tendon, RC rotator cuff tendon, QT Quadriceps tendon, LHBT Long head biceps tendon, ECRB extensor carpi radialis brevis tendon, CF Common flexor tendon, CE Common extensor tendon, various (studies with specimens from more than 3 locations)
  3. Cells: MP Macrophages, MC Mast-cells, TC T-cells, LC Lymphocytes, NP Neutrophils, GC granulocytes, NKC NK-cells, NS not specified
  4. Detection method: H&E Hematoxylin & Eosin, qPCR quantitative polymerase chain reaction, IHC immunohistochemistry, IF immunofluorescence, MD Micro-dialysis, WB western blot, EIA enzyme immunoassay, ELISA Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay
  5. a Additional factors associated with inflammation description on patient subgroup and previous treatments
  6. bInflammatory cell + refers to the percentage of specimens showing at least 1 kind of inflammatory cells, regardless of typing