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Table 5 Results of incremental cost-effectiveness analysis for intervention versus control gloves

From: Clinical and cost effectiveness of arthritis gloves in rheumatoid arthritis (A-GLOVES): randomised controlled trial with economic analysis

  Net cost (95% CI) Net QALY (95% CI) ICER (£/QALY) Probability intervention is cost effective versus control if WTPT =
£20,000/ QALY £30,000/ QALY £60,000/ QALY
Complete cases (ITT) (n = 151) £251
(106, 396)
(−0.017, 0.023)
£83,700/QALY 0.19 0.29 0.44
  1. Note: whole £ reported in table but ICERs calculated including pence
  2. Covariates costs: pre-baseline costs, stratification variable
  3. Covariates QALYs: baseline health status, stratification variable
  4. ICER incremental cost-effectiveness ratio, WTPT willingness to pay threshold, ITT intention to treat
  5. aat different willingness to pay thresholds, based on 10,000 bootstrap simulations