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Table 2 Home Exercise Program

From: EHealth to empower patients with musculoskeletal pain in rural Australia (EMPoweR) a randomised clinical trial: study protocol

Exercise selection
 Key prescription factors • Patient goals
• Patient preferences
• Activity limitations
 Body region • At-least 1 exercise targeting the knee extensors
• At-least 1 exercise targeting the trunk
 Amount of exercises • Minimum of 2 and Maximum of 4 exercises (initially)
 Equipment used • Patient surroundings, i.e. furniture, outdoor environment, access to any other exercise equipment such as a bike
• Theraband® elastic band colour green
Exercise dosage
 Approximate intensity • According to patient tolerance and symptomatology to exercise
 Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) • At-least 5/10 RPE (hard)
 Repetitions • 8–15
 Sets • 2–3
 Rest between sets • 2–3 min
 Frequency • Three days per week (non-consecutive days)
 Time period • 3 months
 Total consultation • ≥5 consultations out of 8 offered
 Familiarisation period • Initial two weeks
 Alternative • Alternative dosage (if appropriate)
- Isometric (30–60 s total hold time)
- Endurance (15–25 repetitions)
 Progression • When the patient consistently over-performs above the prescribed dosage
• Only one change at a time made when progressing
 Simplification • When the patient consistently underperforms below prescribed dosage (at least three consecutive sessions)
 Examples of progression or simplification • Adding or removing an exercise
• Replacing an existing exercise
• Changing the level of resistance band
• Increasing or reducing isometric pauses
• Modify surroundings or body position