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Table 1 Paprosky classification of acetabular bone loss – created according to Classifications In Brief - Paprosky Classification of Acetabular Bone Loss [19]

From: Functional and radiological outcomes after treatment with custom-made acetabular components in patients with Paprosky type 3 acetabular defects: short-term results

Defect Tear drop Superior dome Anterior column Posterior column Bone bed
Type 1 Present No migration Intact Intact Mild (> 50% cancellous)
Type 2A Intact Mild migration
< 2 cm superior
Intact Intact Moderate (< 50% cancellous)
Type 2B Intact Mild migration
< 2 cm superolateral
Intact Intact Moderate (< 50% cancellous)
Type 2C Moderate destruction Mild migration
< 2 cm medial
Disrupted Intact Moderate (< 50% cancellous)
Type 3A Moderate destruction Severe migration
> 2 cm superolateral
Intact Moderate lysis Severe 10–2 o’clock loss (40–70% sclerotic)
Type 3B Complete obliteration Severe migration
> 2 cm superomedial
Disrupted Severe lysis Severe 9–5 o’clock loss
(30% sclerotic)