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Table 1 Characteristics of the patients

From: Arthroscopic-assisted reduction, bone grafting and screw fixation across the scapholunate joint for proximal pole scaphoid nonunion

Variables Number or Values (range)
Patient number 21
Age (range) 31.8 years (19–55)
Duration from injury to surgery (range) 34.6 weeks (24–43)
Male/Female 6/15
Side of the hand (R/L) 14/7
Dominant hand 17
Nonunion location (Schernberg classification)
 I 2
 II 19
Healing of the nonunion 19
Average healing time 16.3 weeks (10–28)
Follow-up duration 31.3 months (24–120)
Screw type (healed / total patients)
 Herbert 3/3
 Headless Compression Screw (HCS) 13/15
 Acutrak Standard 3/3
Screw removal in fracture-healed patients 17