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Table 2 Extended scope physiotherapist specialist education program

From: Inter-professional agreement and collaboration between extended scope physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons in an orthopaedic outpatient shoulder clinic – a mixed methods study

  Action Content
Time frame Overall duration 1–2 years
Duration in hrs. 602–818 h
Modules Theoretical • Clinical examination and diagnostic tests
• Common differential diagnoses
• Types of and indications for surgery
• Evaluation of x-rays
• Education in ultrasound imaging
• Reporting in medical records
Practical • Sit-in during examination program. 4 days with an OS and 2 days with an ESP
• Observation of 6–7 different kinds of surgery at the operating room
• One year of practical training examining at least 400 patients in the shoulder clinic
Graduation Completion of modules Documented completion of the theoretical and practical courses
Written exam A written exam has to be passed
Individual evaluation The orthopaedic surgeon in charge of the education program evaluates the skills of the physiotherapist. In order to pass, the physiotherapist must be considered capable of:
• Diagnosing common disorders of the shoulder and elbow using clinical examination, ultrasound imaging and evaluation of x-rays
• Identifying common differential diagnoses
• Initiating relevant and correct imaging
• Initiating relevant and correct physiotherapy
• Deciding whether consulting an orthopaedic surgeon is appropriate
• Writing a correct medical report
• Performing a postoperative follow-up on patients with an uncomplicated clinical pathway