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Table 3 Comparison for OPLL

From: Surgical decision-making for ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament versus other types of degenerative cervical myelopathy: anterior versus posterior approaches

Reference Type of study No. of patients Parameters measured Key findings
Feng et al. (ref # [18]) Meta-analysis and systematic review 1050 Pre-operative and post-operative JOA scores with canal Canal-occupying ratio < 50–60%
• no significant difference between anterior and posterior post-op JOA scores
Canal-occupying ratio > 50–60%
• anterior approach preferred due to significantly higher post-op JOA score (P < 0.05)
Ma et al. 2018 (ref # [45]) Meta-analysis and systematic review 292 JOA score No significant difference in the pre-operative and post-operative JOA scores in laminectomy and fusion vs laminoplasty
Lee et al. 2018 (ref # [46]) Retrospective series 83 Volume of OPLL using CT scans Laminoplasty resulted in a mean annual growth rate of OPLL of about seven times of those who received laminectomy and fusion
Laminoplasty provided better mobility than laminectomy and fusion
Iwasaki et al. 2007 (ref # [47]) Retrospective clinical study 66 mJOA and recovery rate after laminoplasty Those with spinal canal occupancy < 60% had a significantly better recovery rate after laminoplasty than those with spinal canal occupancy > 60%
Iwasaki et al. 2007 (ref #[48]) Retrospective clinical study 27 mJOA and recovery after anterior decompression vs laminoplasty Excellent or good outcome proportions of the anterior approach were similar to the posterior approach
Anterior approach had fewer poor outcomes
Fujiyoshi et al. 2008 (ref # [49]) Non-randomized clinical trial 27 JOA scores before and one year after surgery after posterior decompression and mean recovery rate K-line (−) patients are not suitable for laminoplasty due to posterior shift of the spinal cord
K-line (+) patients are more suitable for posterior approach
Chen et al. 2011 (ref # [50]) Retrospective clinical study 75 JOA score ACCF is superior to laminoplasty for multi-level OPLL
ACDF vs laminectomy showed no significant difference in post-op JOA scores
Nayak et al. 2018 (ref # [51]) Meta-analysis 3963 5-year QALY Laminoplasty had the highest 5-year QALYs gained compared to laminectomy and anterior approaches
Sun et al. 2018 (ref # [52]) Non-randomised clinical study 24 JOA scores
K-line status
OPLL > 6 mm
• K-line (−) had a better outcome than the K-line (+) group after anterior decompression
OPLL < 6 mm
• No difference in clinical outcomes of after anterior decompression
  1. ACCF Anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion, ACDF Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, mJOA Modified Japanese Orthopaedic Association, OPLL Ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament, QALY Quality-adjusted life years