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Table 2 Outcome measures. (Days-D, Weeks-W, Months-M)

From: A randomized controlled TRIal of cognitive BEhavioral therapy for high Catastrophizing in patients undergoing lumbar fusion surgery: the TRIBECA study

Outcomes Instrument Study Period Enrollment Surgery  
Time ≥ 6 W Intervention
Between 4 W preop
Baseline 4D Intervention
Between 8 W postop
8 W 6 M 12 M
Primary outcome:
 Self-reported function COMI   X      X X X
Secondary outcomes:
 Self-reported Pain intensity NRS   X    X   X X X
 Self-reported disability ODI   X      X X X
 Self-reported daily-function and quality of life EQ-5D   X      X X X
 Self-reported mood and cognition PROMIS depression   X      X X X
 Patient’s global impression of change PGIC   X      X X X
 Self-reported pain catastrophizing PCS   X      X X X
 Medication Usage MQS   X      X X X
 Work productivity and activity impairment WPAI:LBP   X      X X X
Other variables:
 Patient demographics Medical record   X        
 Surgical complications Clavien-Dindo        X   
 Self-reported anxiety PROMIS anxiety   X      X X X
 Self-reported fear of surgery SFQ   X      X X X
 Self-reported fear avoidance beliefs FABQpa   X      X X X