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Table 5 HHS classification according to the hand malformations

From: Clinical and epidemiological features of heart-hand syndrome, an updated analysis in China

Type Subtypea  
  a b %
Type1 Thumb type (thumb hypoplasia, thumb duplication, triphalangeal thumb, et al) 113 8 60.5%
Type2 Finger type (syndactyly, brachydactyly, symbrachydactyly, et al) 45 8 26.5%
Type3 Contracture type (single or multiple congenital joint contractures) 22 3 12.5%
Type4 Rare type (could not classify into malformations mentioned above) 1 0 0.5%
  1. aSubtype a: an abnormal heart structure was discovered by ultrasonic cardiogram, associated with normal EGC or abnormal ECG. Subtype b: only abnormal result of ECG was discovered