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Table 1 Interobserver reproducibility in the assessment of DCE-MRI parameters

From: Quantitative DCE-MRI: an efficient diagnostic technique for evaluating early micro-environment permeability changes in ankylosing spondylitis

Parameter Interclass coefficient correlation (95% CI) Coefficient of variation (%)
Ktrans (min −1) 0.92 (0.86–0.95) 7.1
Kep (min −1) 0.93 (0.85–0.96) 9.6
Ve 0.78 (0.59–0.89) 3.1
  1. Data are presented as means (95%CI) or n(%). Interobserver agreement was evaluated by using interclass coefficient correlation (ICC) analysis and interobserver variability was calculated by using the coefficient of variation (CV)