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Table 1 Description of qualitative MRI parameters assessed by the central readers (absent/present)

From: Achilles tendon enthesitis evaluated by MRI assessments in patients with axial spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis: a report of the methodology of the ACHILLES trial

Parameter Name Parameter Description
Tendinitis Tendinitis in the Achilles tendon and/or plantar aponeurosis
Tendinitis: insertional area Tendinitis in the area of Achilles tendon insertion and/or hyperintense signal in the plantar aponeurosis at the site of insertion at the calcaneus
Bursitis Bursitis in the area of the Achilles tendon and/or plantar aponeurosis
Bone oedema BME in the insertion of the Achilles tendon in the upper part of the calcaneus and/or in the insertion of the plantar aponeurosis in the lower part of the calcaneus
Periarticular inflammation Periarticular inflammation of the ankle joint
Bone erosion Bone erosion in the calcaneus
  1. MRI Magnetic resonance imaging