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Table 1 Results of the literature analysis for dislocation of the peroneus longus tendon at the peroneal tubercle

From: Successful reconstruction of distal peroneus longus tendon dislocation associated with a split lesion – a case report

Author(s) N Sex [male/female] Age (years) Sport Injury Additional injuries/anomalies Peroneal trochlea enlarged Preoperative History (months) Symptoms Snapping MRI Conservative treatment Operative technique Latest FU (months.) Result at Latest FU
Lohrer 2020 (presented case 1 1/0 25 Speed skating No No No 10 Lateral foot painful. Soft tissue mass. Skin irritation with shoe No PLT split, tubercle edema Ice, heat, NSAIDs, cream, two cortisone injections PLT partial resection, PLT groove deepening, IPR reconstruction 30 Excellent
Staresinic et al. 2013 [11] 3 3/0 20
Soccer Ankle sprain and prolonged problems on the lateral side of the foot Ankle sprain, direct blow No 2.5
Swelling, hematoma, tenderness around the ankle Yes PLT dislocation Rest, physiotherapy tTubercle excision, lateral calcanear groove formation for both peroneal tendons and IPR plasty 24 Excellent
El Rassi et al. 2012 [10] 1 0/1 23 Ice skater No trauma, insidious No No 18 Pain on lateral right foot and ankle, sense of instability Yes Increased signal at the level of the calcaneal tubercle Ankle brace, NSAID IPR reconstructed with part of its superior portion. 36 Excellent
Klos et al.2011 [9] 1 1/0 23 Soccer Foot caught in plantarflexion, abduction, eversion No No 2 Pain and swelling lateral hindfoot Yes No associate lesions NSAIDs, rest, physical therapy, ankle brace Groove deepening, suture anchor IPR reattachment. 6 Excellent
  1. FU follow-up, PLT peroneus longus tendon, PBT peroneus brevis tendon, IPR inferior peroneal retinaculum. Updated from The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 58, Heinz Lohrer H, “Distal Peroneus Longus Dislocation and Pseudohypertrophy of the Peroneal Tubercle: A Systematic Review”, Pages No. 969–973, Copyright (2019), with permission from Elsevier