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Table 4 Physical exposure and odds of back injury & LBP at follow-up. Values are based on the fully-adjusted model and presented as odds ratios (OR) and differences between least square means (LSM), respectively. CI; confidence intervals

From: Physical exposure during patient transfer and risk of back injury & low-back pain: prospective cohort study

  Back Injury LBP
Exposure OR (95% CI) p-value LSM (95% CI) p-value
2nd & 3rd quartiles (comparator) 1   1.81  
1st quartile 1.14 (0.52–2.51) 0.7367 − 0.50 (− 0.89 - (− 0.13)) 0.0085
4rd quartile 1.36 (0.63–2.92) 0.4309 − 0.19 (− 0.57–0.18) 0.2967
  1. Adjusted for age, body mass index, smoking, education, physical activity, LBP, back injury, frequency of patient transfer and number of participating personnel, patient self-reliance, seniority, working hours, overall mental health and work-related attitudes towards justice, teamwork, influence, emotional demands, clarity of tasks as well as management recognition and support