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Table 3 Outcome Measures Overview

From: Collaborative model of care between Orthopaedics and allied healthcare professionals in knee osteoarthritis (CONNACT): study protocol for an effectiveness-implementation hybrid randomized control trial

Effectiveness Measures Compliance and Adherence Measures
Physical Function Dietetics Psychology General
KOOS4 Body Mass Index (BMI) Patient Health Questionnaire 4 (PHQ-4) [35] Quality of Life EQ-5D [51] Appointment default rate
KOOS individual subscales Semi-Quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) [52] Patient Activation Measure (PAM) [37] Global Perceived Effect (GPE) [53] Exercise Adherence Questionnaire
Functional Performance
1. Timed up-and-go
2. 4 × 10 m face paced walk test
3. 4-stair climb test
4. 30s chair stand
  Pain, Enjoyment, General Activity Scale (PEG) [36] Patient Acceptable Symptom Score (PASS) [54] Sports Injury Rehabilitation Adherence Scale (SIRAS) [55]
UCLA activity score [56]    Analgesia Consumption [57]  
    Adverse events