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Table 4 Consensus agreement of prognostic factors and modifiability Delphi survey

From: Consensus of potential modifiable prognostic factors for persistent pain after a first episode of nonspecific idiopathic, non-traumatic neck pain: results of nominal group and Delphi technique approach

Potential prognostic factors Modifiable
Work related factors
 Happiness in work X
 Potential to self-modify posture during work X*
 Pain intensity at baseline
 High severity of experienced disability X**
 Duration of the neck pain
 Reported pain in different body regions
Prior conditions
 Neck pain before
 History of musculoskeletal pain
General factors
 Physical inactivity X**
 Unhealthy lifestyle X*
 Sleep quality X*
 Somatization X**
 Catastrophizing X**
 Illness beliefs about recovery X**
 Treatment beliefs X**
 Depression X
 Kinesiophobia X**
 Distress X**
 Coping X**
 Illness beliefs about pain identity X**
 Hypervigilance X**
 Purposeful behavior X*
 Limited health literacy X*
 Limited self-efficacy X**
Remaining factors
 Health care provider attitude X**
 Therapeutic relations X**
  1. X Factors with an agreement score on modifiability > 70%, X* > 80% agreement, X** > 90% agreement. – Not relevant to ask for modifiability or < 70% agreement. Only the participants who considered these factors of prognostic value had to vote for modifiability