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Table 1 Database search terms using the Population, Exposure and Outcome (PEO) framework

From: Adolescents’ experiences of fluctuating pain in musculoskeletal disorders: a qualitative systematic review and thematic synthesis

PEO tool Search terms
Population exp arthritis, juvenile OR juvenile chronic arthritis OR juvenile idiopathic arthritis OR juvenile rheumatoid arthritis OR musculoskeletal pain OR chronic idiopathic pain OR idiopathic pain OR juvenile fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia OR diffuse* pain OR diffuse* idiopathic pain OR widespread pain OR generalised pain OR pain amplification OR complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS OR local* pain OR local* idiopathic pain
adolescen* OR child* OR young person OR young people OR youth OR p*ediatric
Exposure Pain
Outcome experience* OR view OR percep* OR perspective OR concern* OR attitude* OR feel* OR perceive OR belie* OR opinion