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Table 3 Pediatric cases of ARL found on literature review (following the Discussion)

From: Acetabular roof lesions in children: a descriptive study and literature review

Reference Year Patients; age Sex; side Lesion location Symptom Treatment Follow-up Results Lesion type
Zoccali et al. [9] 2017 1; 17 y M; R Triradiate cartilage Right hip with onset occurring over approximately 2 months Intralesional excision consisting of curettage with local phenol adjuvant treatment 4 y Right hip with onset occurring over approximately 2 months CB
Benyass et al. [10] 2016 1; 17 y M; R Acetabular roof Pain in right hipwith lameness Complete percutaneous resection of the nidus under imaging guidance 1 y Complete healing with total and definitive disappearance of symptoms after 1 year OO
Puri et al. [11] 2015 1; 3 y F; R Acetabulum History (5 days) of pain in right leg and refusal to bear weight Antibiotics (rifampinand azithromycin) 2 m History (5 days) of pain in right legand refusal to bear weight BO
Bosschaert et al. [12] 2010 1; 17 y F; L Weight-bearing surface of the acetabulum Chronic pain in left hip, with nocturnal episodes Radiofrequency ablation 1 y Chronic pain in left hip, with nocturnal episodes OO
Ando et al. [2] 2008 2; 4 and 6 y 2 M;1 R/1 L Acetabulum or ilium Pain in right thigh and limping Needle biopsy or open biopsy 3 m and 1 y Complete healing EG
Verma et al. [13] 2004 1; 4 y F; L Acetabular roofto the sacroiliac joint Left hip pain and left-sided limp Resection followed by osteoarticular allograftreconstruction 2 y Disease-free with an excellent functional outcome ES
Howard et al. [3] 1996 1; 7 y F; R Right ilium Pain and limp in the right lower limb Curettage of the lesion 8 m Healed EG
NITTER et al. [14] 1956 2; 2 and 2.5 y 2 F; 1 R/1 L Ilium Pain in the abdomen and left leg with limp Roentgen therapy or lesion removal 1 and 3 y Complete healing EG
  1. BC bone cyst, TB tuberculosis osteomyelitis, EG eosinophilic granuloma, CO chronic osteomyelitis, ES Ewing’s sarcoma, OO osteoid osteoma, CB chondroblastoma, BO Bartonella osteomyelitis, Y year, mo month, F femur, M male, L left, R right