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Table 1 Preoperative characteristics and demographics of patients with OVFa

From: Factors affecting postoperative mortality of patients with insufficient union following osteoporotic vertebral fractures and impact of preoperative serum albumin on mortality

Patients with OVF (N = 105)
Age at the time of admission, y 76.3 ± 7.5
Gender, female/male, n 65/40
BMI (kg/m2) 22.4 ± 3.3
BMD (%YAM) 69.7 ± 13.5
Follow-up duration, months 28.3 ± 31.8
Injured vertebral level (Th10-L2/L3–4) 77/28
Type of Denis’s classification (A/B/C) 56/46/3
Intraoperative technique, n
 VP (HA) + PF 49
 BKP 18
 ADF + PF 38
  1. aMean ± standard deviation, unless otherwise indicated
  2. ADF anterior spinal decompression and fusion, BKP balloon kyphoplasty, BMI body mass index, BMD bone mineral density, YAM young adult mean, HA hydroxyapatite, OVF osteoporotic vertebral fractures, PF posterior fixation, VP vertebroplasty