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Table 4 studies of test-retest reliability of EQ-5D

From: Is retrospective assessment of health-related quality of life valid?

Study Language Population Follow-up Reliability
Current study English Elective orthopaedic surgery patients Mean of 19 days CCC of 0.46 for EQ-VAS
CCC of 0.76 for EQ-Index
Purba, 2018 [15] Indonesian General population Mean of 17 days ICC and CCC of 0.45 for EQ-VAS
ICC and CCC of 0.37 for EQ-Index
Al-Janabi, 2015 [16] English UK general ppulation 14 days ICC of 0.83 for EQ-Index
Li, 2019 [17] Chinese Carers of cancer patients 24 h ICC of 0.99 for EQ-Index
ICC of 0.87 for EQ-VAS
Cheung, 2016 [18] Chinese Scoliosis patients Mean of 20 days ICC of 0.78 for EQ-index score
Pattanaphesaj, 2015 [19] Thai Diabetes patients Approx. 3 weeks ICC of 0.70 for EQ-Index
Kim, 2013 [20] Korean General population Mean of 19 days ICC of 0.75 for EQ-index score