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Table 3 The demographics and clinical characteristics for the group 1 (patients with growth of the same microorganism in at least two samples) and group 2 (patients with only one positive culture or negative culture results)

From: High rate of unexpected positive cultures in presumed aseptic revision of stiff shoulders after proximal humerus osteosynthesis

VariableGroup 1, n = 13Group 2, n = 49P-value
Age at revision (yrs)a55.8 ± 12.862.7 ± 14.70.12
Shoulder stiffnessb, c11/12 (92)23/35 (66)0.14
Serum CRP level (mg/l)a5.2 ± 5.35.4 ± 80.95
Time from index surgery until revision (months)a20.1 ± 22.915.2 ± 20.20.5
  1. aThe values are given as the mean and the standard deviation. bThe values are given as the number with the percentage of the group in parentheses
  2. aIncluding only patients with an interval of ≥6 months between the index osteosynthesis and revision surgery