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Table 3 Foot fractures

From: Substantial decrease in paediatric lower extremity fracture rates in German hospitals in 2017 compared with 2002: an epidemiological study

 0–4 years5–9 years10–14 years15–19 yearsOverall
Calcaneus (S92.0)91.3−44.40.7452.5−40.05.8634.7+4.82.71673.3−38.33.52843.2−29.23.2
Talus (S92.1)54.0−20.03.0221.4−45.51.0731.1−35.61.02411.5−35.71.83411.4−36.11.5
Other tarsal bone(s) (S92.2)0  0.071.3+42.90.7472.6−21.31.1972.1+9.32.31512.2+2.61.7
Metatarsal bone(s) (S92.3)363.5+8.31.31041.5−9.61.85251.9−43.01.57402.6−24.62.114052.2−29.51.8
Toes (S92.4 + S92.5)261.6+11.51.9590.9−6.81.22112.1−39.81.63004.1−54.74.95962.5−41.82.2
Multiple (S92.7)43.0−100.0 80.6−87.5 162.2−87.50.0364.1−80.6 642.6−84.44.0
Unspecified (S92.9)30.5−100.0 62.0−100.0 123.0−100.0 213.2− 85.70.5422.5−92.90.5
  1. Absolute fracture rates for 2002 and percent change in 2017 as well as BGRs for both years, by age group and overall. Groups ‘S92.4 great toe’ and ‘S92.5 other toes’ were grouped together as ‘Toes’. BGR Boy: girl ratio