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Table 3 Model with statistically significant predictors of variance in worked hours

From: Work ability and percentage of hours worked related to limitations in patients with upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders: a cross-sectional cohort study

ModelUnstandardized Coefficientsp-value95% Confidence Interval for B
BStd. ErrorLower BoundUpper Bound
1(Constant)52.43911.561< 0.00129.72575.153
DASH work module−0.4180.068< 0.001− 0.550− 0.285
SF36 physical functioning0.3180.1150.0060.0920.544
Precision grip13.0074.2100.0024.73721.278
Grasping a large object with one hand−9.0924.6220.050−18.174−0.011
Using a keyboard13.5395.0200.0073.67723.402
Gender14.3663.030< 0.0018.41220.320
  1. Explained variance of this model: R2 = 0.207