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Table 2 Model with statistically significant predictors of explained variance in WAS

From: Work ability and percentage of hours worked related to limitations in patients with upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders: a cross-sectional cohort study

ModelUnstandardized Coefficientsp-value95% Confidence Interval for B
BStd. ErrorLower BoundUpper Bound
1(Constant)5.4870.592< 0.0014.3226.652
DASH work module−0.0340.004< 0.001−0.042− 0.025
SF36 physical functioning0.0250.006< 0.0010.0140.037
SF36 physical role functioning0.0080.0030.0020.0030.014
Precision grasp−0.4890.2150.024−0.913− 0.065
  1. Explained variance of this model: R2 = 0.519