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Table 1 Inclusion Criteria (NRS = Numeric Rating Scale; MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, CT = computed tomography, OA = osteoarthritis)

From: Cooled radiofrequency ablation provides extended clinical utility in the management of knee osteoarthritis: 12-month results from a prospective, multi-center, randomized, cross-over trial comparing cooled radiofrequency ablation to a single hyaluronic acid injection

Age ≥ 21 years.
 Able to understand the informed consent form and provide written informed consent and able to complete outcome measures.
 Chronic knee pain for longer than 6 months that interferes with functional activities
 Continued pain in the target knee despite at least 3 months of conservative treatments
 Positive response (defined as a decrease in numeric pain scores of at least 50%) to a single genicular nerve block of the index knee.
 Pain on NRS ≥ 6 on an 11-point scale for the index knee.
 Radiologic confirmation of arthritis (x-ray/MRI/CT) of OA grade of 2 (mild), 3 (moderate) or 4 (severe) noted within 6 months for the index knee.