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Table 3 Demographic details of patients with surgical site infections who underwent AE and osteosynthesis

From: High incidence of surgical site infection may be related to suboptimal case selection for non-selective arterial embolization during resuscitation of patients with pelvic fractures: a retrospective study

CaseSexAge range (years)ISSAssociated soft tissue injuryInitial shockResponse to resuscitationCT findingsAngiography findings and procedureEmbolization materialSurgical approachBacteria
1Male20–2935Morel Lavallée lesionYesYes1. CE in left paravesical space
2. Retroperitoneal hematoma
1. Pseudoaneurysm of BIIA, along with pelvic wall hematoma Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosteriorMDRAB, E coli., KP
2Female30–3932NoneYesNo1. Hematoma over pelvic wall
2. No CE
1. No CE Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosterior + anteriorMRSA
3Male50–5932Open fractureYesNoNo CE1. CE at the anterior division of BIIA Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosteriorOSSA
4Male20–2934Morel Lavallée lesionYesYesNo CE1. CE and pseudoaneurysm of left EIA
2. Small pseudoaneurysm at the gluteal region
Procedure: BIIAE
5Female60–6936NoneYesNoDelayed contrast pooling around left retropubic regionNo CE Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamAnteriorMRSA
6Male20–2927Open fractureYesNoCE within the pelvis1. No CE
2. Tiny pseudoaneurysm at the pelvic floor
Procedure: BIIAE
7Female60–6917Morel Lavallée lesionYesNoCE over the RIIA1. CE at the RIIA Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosterior + anteriorE coli
8Female40–4916Morel Lavallée lesionYesYes1. CE at the presacral space
2. Peri-rectal hematoma
1. CE at the LIIA Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosteriorE coli
9Female40–4930Morel Lavallée lesionNoYesCE at the anterior surface of the right hemi-pelvisCE at the BIIA Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosterior + anteriorMRSA
10Female18–1929Morel Lavallée lesionYesNoCE at the left hemi-pelvisAbruption termination of the LIIA without CE Procedure: LIIAEGelfoamPosterior + anteriorMSSA
11Male40–4925NoneNoYesHematoma at the left hemi-pelvisCE at the LIIA Procedure: BIIAEGelfoamPosteriorMSSA
  1. BIIAE bilateral internal iliac artery embolization, CE contrast extravasation, CT computed tomography, E. coli: Escherichia coli, EIA external iliac artery, ISS injury severity score, KP Klebsiella pneumonia, LIIAE left internal iliac artery embolization, MDRAB multi drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii, MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, MSSA methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus, RIIAE right internal iliac artery embolizatio