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Table 2 Characteristics of the patients who underwent arterial embolization

From: High incidence of surgical site infection may be related to suboptimal case selection for non-selective arterial embolization during resuscitation of patients with pelvic fractures: a retrospective study

Total patients, n129
Mean time from order to procedure, min63.8 ± 44.7
Shock on arrival, n (%)90 (69.7%)
Non-response to resuscitation, n (%)47 (36.4%)
Contrast extravasation, n (%)
 During CT107 (82.9%)
 During angiography34 (26.3%)
Location of AE, n (%)
 BIIA97 (74.0%)
 RIIA17 (12.9%)
 LIIA15 (11.8%)
Material used for embolization, n (%)
 Gelfoam118 (91.4%)
 Metal coils11 (8.6%)
Mean blood transfusion, mL2388.1 ± 2633.6
Osteosynthesis surgery, n (%)75 (58.1%)
AE-related complications, n (%)
 Impotence in men3
 Surgical site infection11
  1. CT computed tomography, AE arterial embolization, BIIA bilateral internal iliac arteries, RIIA right internal iliac artery, LIIA left internal iliac artery