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Table 4 Discordant results with positive synovial fluid microcalorimetry in patients with negative synovial fluid culture

From: Thermogenic diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infection by microcalorimetry of synovial fluid

Pat. No.JointClassSynovial fluid leukocyte count (/μl) / granulocytes (%)Synovial fluid culturePeriprosthetic tissue culturea (No. positive / No. all samples)Sonication fluid cultureaPeriprosthetic tissue histologyaSynovial fluid culture after microcalorimetry
1KneePJI20,354/69aNegativePseudomonas (3/4)CNSInfectionND
2HipPJI30,143/99 bNegativeNDNDNDPositive
3HipPJI35,910/95 bNegativeNDNDNDNegative
4HipPJI2202/72aNegativeNegative (0/5)NegativeWearNegative
5HipAsepticNDNegativeNegative (0/5)NDWearNegative
  1. CNS coagulase-negative staphylococci, PJI periprosthetic joint infection, ND not done
  2. a Results from specimen harvested during revision surgery
  3. b Results from preoperative synovial fluid aspiration