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Table 4 Relation between change in forefoot plantar pressure and change in foot pain and physical functioning (n = 23)

From: Outcomes and potential mechanism of a protocol to optimize foot orthoses in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

 ΔFoot painΔPhysical functioning
FFI painNRS walkingNRS standingFFI disability10-m walking time*
 Β (SE)p-valueΒ (SE)p-valueΒ (SE)p-valueΒ (SE)p-valueΒ (SE)p-value
ΔPlantar pressure
 PP / 10 kPa−2.2 (0.8)0.79−0.1 (0.1)0.580.0 (0.1)0.630.3 (0.5)0.590.0 (0.0)0.70
 PTI / 10 kPa s−3.2 (2.2)0.150.4 (0.3)0.140.2 (0.2)0.43−0.5 (1.7)0.780.0 (0.1)0.85
  1. FFI foot function index, NRS walking numeric rating scale foot pain during walking, NRS standing numeric rating scale foot pain during standing, PP peak pressure (kPa), PTI Pressure Time Integral (kPa s). * performance-based test