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Table 1 The inter-and intra-observer variation for classification of MA-LSTV types by both AP-LPR method and CT method

From: Lumbar plain radiograph is not reliable to identify lumbosacral transitional vertebra types according to Castellvi classification principle

ReadingKappa (95% conf. limit)
First inter-observer variation0.893 (0.855–0.931)0.921 (0.887–0.955)
Second inter-observer variation0.880 (0.840–0.920)0.874 (0.832–0.916)
intra-observer variation of observer 10.955 (0.929–0.981)0.969 (0.947–0.991)
intra-observer variation of observer 20.939 (0.910–0.968)0.952 (0.925–0.979)