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Table 1 Number of reported event terms per event group and specification according to treatment options with the related number of references

From: Complications after surgical management of proximal humeral fractures: a systematic review of event terms and definitions

Event groupsaSpecificationsNumber of extracted termsNumber of references
1- Implant eventsMigration (subsidence, tilt, shift)22882018
Radiolucency around the implant / implant loosening731832627
Screw or bolt back-out / loosening161022422
Hardware local irritation222
Other specific terms212133
2- Osteochondral eventsBone formation / resorption221921927
Fracture around the implant57253528
Screw / bolt perforation / cutout4618245864
Tuberosity migration / resorption852933937
Delayed / nonunion / malunion271827115283
Malreduction / loss of reduction / fracture displacement652314179775
3- Shoulder instabilityGeneral terms114613
4- Shoulder pain (idiopathic)General terms5331733
5- Peripheral neurological eventsGeneral terms325610
Sensory and/or motor disturbance: cervical or brachial plexus214155
Sensory and/or motor disturbance: branch neuropathy27715134241
Autonomic disturbance: CRPS2361712
6- Vascular eventsHematoma which requires evacuation by needle or surgery2141420
Superficial and deep thrombosis at the involved extremity112233
Other specific terms4421010
7- InfectionsNot specified3232455
SSI: superficial7341919
SSI: deep62351126
Late hematogenous infections111
8- Superficial soft tissue eventsEarly events51176
Late events: hypertrophic scar and keloid21243
9- Deep soft tissue eventsAffecting the subacromial / subcoracoidal space175422349
Affecting the biceps321154
Affecting the capsule (shoulder stiffness, metallosis)85441138
Affecting the rotator cuff9191513434
Affecting the deltoid1233
Other terms222
  1. P plate osteosynthesis, N intramedullary nail fixation, A arthroplasty, OS other surgical techniques, All all surgical treatment options combined, CRPS complex regional pain syndrome, SSI surgical site infections
  2. aEvent groups were considered from a previous international consensus process for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair [10] and shoulder arthroplasty [11]